10 Glamorous Movie Weddings to Inspire Your Own Day

Searching for scene-stealing wedding inspiration? Look no further than the silver screen. We took notes on these cinematic nuptials for ideas on how to inject some Hollywood style into your special day. Get ready for your close-up.

1. ‘Sex and the City’

Sure, Carrie’s first trip to the altar didn’t quite go as planned, but when it comes to over-the-top OMG-ness, you can’t beat her Vivienne Westwood dress and bright blue feather tucked in her veil. Plus, those jewel-toned bridesmaid gowns are just plain dazzling. Even if you don’t have an
SATC-size budget, there’s not a more dramatic backdrop for a fabulous wedding than the city of New York itself.

2. ‘Hunger Games 2: Mockingjay’

Annie and Finnick’s wedding is the ultimate in bucolic beauty, considering the movie takes place in a pretty grim future. The simplicity on display is showstopping, from the white flowers on the indoor trees and the gentlemanly squire-inspired take on the groom’s tuxedo to the bride’s Juliet cap veil and natural hair and makeup.

3. ‘Funny Face’

If you want to have your rendezvous in Paris, Funny Face is pure inspiration. Audrey Hepburn embodies 1950s ladylike elegance in a Givenchy wedding dress, complete with short white gloves, diamond earrings and a simple bouquet of lilies of the valley. Marry amid a French backdrop and you’ve got a classic wedding scene that’s straight out of a storybook.

4. ‘Bride Wars’

Let’s not focus on the fracas that breaks out between Anne Hathaway’s and Kate Hudson’s characters, because there’s some serious Vera Wang glam going on. There’s something extra romantic about a grand hotel wedding. Maybe it’s the chandeliers or the endless champagne flutes—heck, maybe it’s the big dance floor. Either way, everyone in this film’s finale is having the time of their life.

5. ‘The Great Gatsby’

Daisy may not have been marrying the love of her life when she wed Tom Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s film extravaganza, but there’s plenty of eye candy for fans of 1920s vintage style to adore. Take a step back in time with yards of pearls and a dramatic silver headband fastening your veil. Have your groom make his debut in white tie to match the white flowers spilling out of oversize vases. It’ll make for a genteel wedding scene worthy of the words of Fitzgerald.

6. ‘Bride and Prejudice’

Who says the bride has to wear white? There’s more color and life in the Punjabi wedding scene in Bride and Prejudice than any cookie-cutter affair. Get inspired by the sherbet colors and the emphasis on joyous dancing and unbridled passion. No matter your background, nuptials this exuberant will turn a standard reception into a capital-P Party.

7. ‘The Best Man’

A church wedding doesn’t have to feel stuffy. We love everything about the big wedding scene in The Best Man (especially all that tension). The bride’s modest yet elegant dress, simple jewelry and understated makeup, and the lush gardenia that Nia Long wears in her hair, make a traditional setting appear downright modern. Just wear a good waterproof mascara to fight those tears!

8. ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’

An outdoor wedding in a forest can feel otherworldly—even if you’re not marrying a vampire. You may not have a canopy of trees at your disposal, but we love how the hanging lights among the wisteria create a timeless natural beauty. Think: tangling vines, moss-covered stones and bushy ferns along the aisle, and delphiniums, white lilacs and sweet peas for centerpieces.

9. ‘Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part I’

“He Who Shall Not Be Named” can’t stop an intimate wedding from being carried out in style. You don’t need a magic spell to keep the champagne glasses filled or to create a cozy English-esque outdoor celebration in a tent under the stars. The dark flowers on the tables add sensual drama, and the bride’s fascinator makes for a fab alternative to a traditional white veil.

10. ‘It Happened One Night’

If you want to infuse a 1930s feel into your nuptials, you can use Claudette Colbert’s wedding look from this classic Frank Capra romantic comedy as a study guide. Chic satin, bobbed hair, top coats and tails—this is Hollywood glamour at its finest.

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