10 Naked Cakes You Have to See

  1. Stunning Display

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Mi Belle Photography

    A timeless silver stand elevates any cake’s overall style, especially when it’s reflecting pops of color from pastel pink and magenta roses, ranunculus and dahlias. A few bright blooms artfully arranged around the base and tucked between tiers adds to the whimsical, romantic look.

    A Romantic Garden Wedding at a Private Residence in Ojai, California

  2. Sharp Contrast

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Al Gawlik Photography

    The contrast between a dark chocolate cake and stark white icing is stunning to say the least. Finish the look with some strategically placed vibrant blooms and simple garland around the base for a totally elegant look.

    A Vintage Wedding at Pecan Springs Ranch in Austin, Texas

  3. Short Stacks

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Cassie Jones Photography

    This sweet cake, decked out with wedges of fresh fruit, handfuls of grapes, hot pink alstroemeria and a fun cake topper, proves that you don’t needs lots of tall tiers to make an impact.

    From A Rustic Lakefront Wedding at a Private Home in Drasco, Arkansas

  4. Red All Over

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Jenny Haas Photography

    Keeping the decoration simple with clusters of red anemones completes this decadent display and lets the stand-out color speak for itself.

    From A Bright Military Wedding at Magnolia Estate in Miamisburg, Ohio

  5. Double Take

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Anna Pociask Photography

    Having multiple cakes on a dessert table is becoming more and more of a trend and offers a mix of flavors, fillings, and even designs—think a combo of traditional frosting-covered cakes and naked cakes. In other words, if you can’t settle on one cake, get two! (Or three!)

    From A Cheery Barn Wedding at a Private Farm in Danville, Alabama

  6. Playful Flavors

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Love Me Do photography

    Since the cake layers are completely exposed, any fillings in the cake batter will show through on display—hence, this delightful presentation of rainbow sprinkles. If you’re looking for an alternative to a traditional wedding cake, this is definitely a front-runner.

  7. Berry Pretty

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Julina Marie Photography

    Fresh berries are to naked cakes what gum paste flowers are to buttercream-covered tiers—especially in the case of this fruity-flavored filling. We love how the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries enhance the natural-looking aesthetic.

    From A Vintage-Inspired Outdoor Wedding at the Grand Pacific Outdoor Wedding Garden in Olmsted Falls, Ohio

  8. Squared Away

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    The Schultzes

    This is one clean-cut confection. The modern design, smooth edges and coordinated colors look so expertly crafted there’s no need to garnish with any blooms or berries.

    From A Fresh, Romantic Wedding at Foundation for the Carolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina

  9. Flavorful Drips

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    Photography Du Jour

    Naturally, the stacked layers of cake and frosting create beautiful horizontal lines, but we love the look of contrasting drips of caramel or chocolate ganache for some subtle flare—and a touch more flavor!

  10. Cascading Blooms

    10 Naked Cakes You Have to See
    You Look Lovely Photography

    A slim tower of tall tiers outfitted with a romantic cascade of seeded eucalyptus and Juliet garden roses is enough to make anyone think twice about cutting into this beautiful cake (but we suggest you do!).

    Check out bakers in your area here who can make the naked cake of your dreams.

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