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15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

by vietwedding

If you’re looking for a wedding cake with a little more oomph than your classic stack of three of four white-buttercream-covered tiers, we have a few suggestions for you. Now don’t get us wrong, we love a classic white wedding cake, but we also love modern twists and totally bespoke designs.

Pull inspiration from your wedding theme, your florals or even your china. There’s always plenty of trends to get inspired by too, like boho metallics or naked cake designs.

  1. Phantom Details

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Blume Photography

    A couple of acrylic dividers can lend the illusion of floating tiers to an elegant cake.

  2. “Cheesecake”

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Lacie Hansen Photography

    Want a truly original wedding cake? Ditch the cake. If you’re more into savory than sweet and tend to opt for the cheese board over the dessert bar, pick a few cheese wheels and stack them for a wedding cake look-alike.

  3. Stained-Glass Artwork

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Maggie Austin

    Think of fondant as the baker’s canvas. The smooth surface can be painted on and transformed into just about anything, including an intricate scene of stained glasswork.

  4. Two-Tone Metallics

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Jessica Miller Photography

    Take color blocking to a new level with metallics and set it off with a cake stand that’s a totally different hue. 

  5. Staircase Cake

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    West End Photography

    A staircase cake has tiers stacked on top of each other with their edges lined up, rather than aligned in the center. It’s a good alternative to the traditional style without having to switch things up too much.

  6. Suitcase Stack

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Servidone Studios Photography

    If you and your partner are jet-setters or if you’re planning a destination wedding, a few luggage-inspired tiers would be perfect.

  7. Whimsical Tree Design

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Timothy Faust Photography

    Childhood sweethearts with some tree carving in your past? Honor it with a whimsical tree stump cake that can be put on display in addition to or in place of a more traditional confection. 

  8. Sentimental Shapes

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Jennifer Lindberg Weddings

    It’s amazing what some bakers can do with fondant—give them a few highlights from your relationship, such as major vacations or proposal details, and we bet they can suggest a truly special design

  9. Fan Fiction

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Creatrix Photography

    Were you drawn to your partner through a mutual love of a movie, book or hobby? Incorporate it into the cake design. If the cake is designed in all white you can add as many elements as you want without it being distracting.

  10. Ombré Color

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Inked Fingers

    An ombré design in a subtle pastel hue is eye-catching but not too over the top. Pair it with some modern geographic elements and the whole thing comes together for a very unique presentation.

  11. Adventure-Inspired Detail

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Massart Photography

    Who said you can’t add props? This hot air balloon design doubles as an awesome cake topper and a totally unique cake design.

  12. Glorified Sugar Flower

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Janet Howard Studio

    One element when applied en masse makes just as much of a statement as a bunch of small details combined.

  13. Modern Edge

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Meg Ruth Photo

    Square tiers are a great alternative to the classic round ones. It’s unique, but won’t be too much of a shock to your grandparents.

  14. Seasonal Blooms

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Ryan & Jacy Photography

    Want some sugar flowers? Look to what’s in season during your wedding for a natural way to incorporate your surroundings into the cake.

  15. Sports Enthusiasts

    15 Unique Wedding Cake Ideas
    Ali Gawlik Photography

    Tie in your favorite sport, or the colors of your alma mater team if you’re college sweethearts. If the look of a baseball-themed cake is a little too alternative for you, ask your baker if they can design a half and half cake: traditional in the front and party in the back (so to speak). 

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