17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Flowers and weddings tend to go hand in hand (who doesn’t love bouquets, boutonnieres and flower girls?), but if you’re not into petals, there’s no rule saying you have to include them. While you also don’t have to nix buds entirely, if you’d rather incorporate non-floral elements into your wedding décor, consider one of these alternatives for your centerpieces. We promise you won’t miss the blooms one bit.

  1. 1. Love Stories

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Katelyn James Photography

    Stacks of vintage books make for great centerpieces, especially if you’re going for an antique or eclectic feel. They’re an easy way to add height to candles, and stacks of classics can effortlessly fill out the center of a table. Stencil an old book with a bold numeral for a centerpieces that double as table numbers.

    From: A Rooftop Spring Wedding at Foundation for the Carolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina

  2. 2. Rustic Assortments

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Hot Metal Studio

    Fill various opaque vases, glass bottles and tin cans with wheat or branches for centerpieces, then set the table with handmade napkins, milk bottles and apples for an eclectic autumn fete with vintage flair.

    From: A Vintage-Style, DIY Wedding at Richland Township Community Park Barn in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

  3. 3. Fruit Filling

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Christa Elyce | Photographer

    When it comes to wedding details, playing with your food is definitely allowed. Vivid red pomegranates add an unexpected element to your table arrangements.

    From: A Traditional Elegant Wedding at Villa Antonia in Austin, Texas

  4. 4. Giant Palms

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Aster & Olive Photography

    Dramatic centerpieces make an impressive statement. Try out a combination of palms and banana leaves for lush, tropical tabletops that are bold, yet refined.

    From: A Yacht Club Wedding With a Modern Twist at Cleveland Yacht Club in Cleveland, Ohio

  5. 5. Under the Sea

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    KMD Creations

    Sourcing your décor from the sea will make your guests feel like they’re right on the coast. Alternate shells with different colored coral and driftwood for diversity of color, shape and dimension.

    From: An Ocean-Inspired Wedding at South Seas Island Resort in Captiva Island, Florida

  6. 6. Produce, Please

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Nicole Spangler Photography

    Highlight the organic shapes and vibrant colors of fresh fruits and veggies. Feature grapes, artichokes and cabbages for an abundant, rustic harvest theme.

    From: A Fall Harvest-Themed Wedding at Shepherd’s Hill Farm in Montgomery, Minnesota

  7. 7. Quiet Candlelight

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    The Schultzes

    There’s nothing quite like candlelight to create a warm, intimate glow and put you, your guests and your reception space in a flattering light. Opt for unscented candles so the fragrance doesn’t overwhelm the room.

    From: A Sophisticated Flower-Filled Wedding at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens in Belmont, North Carolina

  8. 8. Wine Lover

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Katelyn James Photography

    Save up all of those bottles from your Friday nights in and use them as table numbers. All you need is a bit of spray paint to make everything look polished.

    From: A Rooftop Spring Wedding at Foundation for the Carolinas in Charlotte, North Carolina

  9. 9. Sail Away

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Kristen Jane Photography

    Model sailboats make the perfect centerpiece for a nautical theme wedding with a navy color scheme.

    From: A Nautical Wedding at Boston Harbor Cruises in Boston, Massachusetts

  10. 10. Feathered Glam

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Pasha Belman Photography

    Who doesn’t love the 1920s? Plush feathers bring this era to life—and will put everyone in the party mood.

    From: A Pink Southern Charm Wedding at Wedgefield Plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina

  11. 11. Live Attractions

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Ashley Lynn Photography

    Add a playful touch to your wedding day with something unusual as a centerpiece alternative. We wouldn’t recommend anything larger than a fish tank for obvious reasons, but this conversation piece will be an instant icebreaker.

    From: A Rustic Wedding at a Private Residence in Ohio

  12. 12. Mix and Match

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Amalie Orrange Photography

    Decorate each table a little differently, mixing up coffee cans, vases and colorful candlesticks. Have a blast scouring local antique shops and DIY-ing these fun accents. 

    From: An Americana-Inspired Wedding at Isola Farms in Groveland, Florida

  13. 13. Crystal Clear

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Brittany Jean Photography

    If the glitz of the art deco aesthetic is your thing, you need gilded candelabras draped with crystals on your tabletops.

    From: A Glam Roaring Twenties Wedding at Westwood Country Club in Austin, Texas

  14. 14. Table Themes

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Meg Perotti

    Name each table after a different fruit and work it into the centerpiece.

    From: A Fresh Green Wedding in San Jose, CA

  15. 15. Edible Arrangements

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Ready Luck

    Orange you glad you didn’t use flowers? (Sorry, we had to.) Fill glasses, vases or bowls with citrus for naturally colorful focal points.

    From: A Vibrant Vintage Wedding at Queens County Farm Museum in Glen Oaks, New York

  16. 16. Fall Foliage

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

    Use real leaves and dramatic branches in tall vases to create a cozy fall wonderland.

    From: A Fall Wedding at a Private Estate in Germantown, New York

  17. 17. Feeling Peachy

    17 Creative Non-Floral Centerpiece Ideas
    Erika Brown Photography

    Hit up your local farmers market for fresh produce. Use tins filled with moss and overflowing vines to add volume and a rustic farmhouse effect.

    From: A Peach-Inspired Farm Wedding at the Walters Barn in Lula, Georgia

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