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5 Ways to Keep the Love Alive While Wedding Planning

by vietwedding

In news you already knew, wedding planning can be stressful. While the high-pressure nature of prepping this very special event is typically short-lived, the stress it causes can sometimes create tension your relationship—which is totally normal.

If you feel seating charts, tastings and family issues getting the better of you both, it’s time to take a break and balance it out with a little romance TLC. Here are a few romantic ideas to help you reconnect as a couple:

1. Dance the night away.

Check one worry off your to-do list, and turn a night out for dinner and dancing into a weekly standing date to prepare for your first twirl together as husband and wife.

2. Walk down memory lane.

If money is tight thanks to a wedding budget that magnetizes any extra cash, skip going out for a night of reminiscing over old love letters and pictures from when you first started dating. Reliving those times is a good reminder of what the day to come is really all about.

3. Sweat it out.

It’s no secret that exercise is a great stress reliever. Instead of working out alone, buddy up with your mate and take a spinning class together or get active exploring the great outdoors while hiking, biking and kayaking in tandem.

4. Get away.

Who says you have to wait until you’re married to plan a vacation that’s all about the two of you? Just as expecting parents take babymoons before the little ones arrive, treat yourself to a long weekend minimoon before your wedding day. If your honeymoon is set in a beach destination, for example, use your minimoon for scuba-diving lessons, allowing you more adventure time together.

5. Live your vows.

Even if you haven’t officially said your vows to one another yet, practice living them every day leading up to “I do.” When you’re feeling run down, remember what the words really mean, and commit yourself to the promises you intend to make.

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