55 Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo Ideas From The World’s Best Artists

Just as watercolors make a bold, beautiful statement onto canvas or paper, they create a similar ethereal effect when drawn on the skin. It’s no wonder that watercolor tattoos are today’s hottest trend.

Unlike traditional ink, they don’t generally have dark outlines that are colored in with opaque hues. Colors are allowed to go out of bounds. This results in a more fluid, less solid appearance. This ‘messy’ look thus appears bolder, freer. From landscapes to open skies, animals to abstract art, the possibilities are endless. Your imagination’s the limit!

You’re not confined to old-style looks when picking your ink. Feel free to look into pop culture to influence the final design you want. Are you a fan of Star Wars or Ghibli flims? Don’t be afraid to take your desired piece to your tattoo artist. Then allow them to put their own spin on things. Pretty soon, you’ll be wearing an original ink with pride.

If you haven’t thought about it, let these amazing watercolor tattoos inspire your next great tatt.

Beautiful Watercolor Tattoo Ideas



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