6 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Flowers

Even if you didn’t consider yourself a “flower person” before getting engaged, you might find yourself drawn to new stems while wedding planning (especially if you nail down a chic future bouquet look by taking our Style Quiz). Walking through the flower market or quizzing yourself on the names of your favorite blooms will be new past times, and we’ve got six more revelations that will be new to you too:

1. You’ll start noticing other brides’ flowers.

When you’re planning your own wedding, attending nuptials will feel totally different than it did before. You’ll be obsessed with details you never really noticed in the past, like the stems included in other people’s bouquets and centerpieces. Most likely you’ll also start calculating the costs in your head.

2. Floral proposals sound like they were written for princesses.

Even if you don’t have a fairy tale day planned, your floral proposal will sound like something straight out of a Disney movie. (Think: Arrangements of white roses, pink hydrangeas and silver dollar eucalyptus will adorn the entrance to the chapel.) Go with it. Just read it carefully before signing at least 10 percent of your wedding budget away.

3. You probably won’t get to see a finished product before you walk into your reception.

Your florist may show you a mock-up of a centerpiece, but there’s a good chance all your flower choices and plans will live in a notebook until the final unveiling at your ceremony or reception. Surprises are fun—remember your engagement?

4. You might end up having a panic attack surrounding a floral detail.

Maybe peonies aren’t feasible for your February nuptials, or maybe those white tulips you wanted (and insisted on having flown in from Holland) arrived frozen. It’s okay to have a 15-second freak-out, go ahead.

5. But that’s okay, because your florist will come up with something else you’ll love just as much.

Sometimes when things go crazy-wrong, they end up better than you could imagine. So you didn’t get the coral peonies you wanted, but instead you had the most intoxicating apricot Juliet garden roses (and a new favorite flower). Winning!

6. When your florist hands you your bouquet, you’ll feel amazing.

It’s like the ribbon on a present or the cherry on an ice cream sundae—your bouquet is your finishing touch. You’ll feel elated, and be totally ready to head down that aisle.

Ready to find your dream florist? Right here.

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