7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs

When thinking about which greenery to choose to supplement your florals, or maybe to replace them altogether, herbs don’t always come to mind—until now. Herbs come in all shapes, sizes and textures. And bonus: They’re likely to stimulate your guests’ sense of smell, which is typically overlooked, but equally as important as the other senses when it comes to rounding out a memorable party experience.

  1. 1. Wedding Party Floral Alternatives

    7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs
    Al Gawlik Photography

    A couple sprigs of lavender bundled with rosemary makes for a natural (and pleasantly fragrant) boutonniere or bouquet arrangement for your wedding party attendants.

  2. 2. Aisle Décor

    7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs
    Nicole Haley Photography

    Potted arrangements are perfect for lining an outdoor aisle—the heavy pots anchor the plants so you know they won’t get blown around or fall over, and they can easily be repurposed as reception pieces. And more than that, they can decorate your newlywed nest after the celebrations have come to a close.

  3. 3. Bridal Bouquet

    7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs
    Jen Fariello Photography

    There are so many herbs that can double as beautiful bouquet foliage: parsley, basil, mint, rosemary, oregano—the list goes on and on. You can pick based on an herb’s symbolic meaning, fragrance or shape that complements the other blooms. Just don’t overdo it—you don’t want to sneeze your way down the aisle.

  4. 4. Garnishes

    7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs
    From left: Leah Fisher Photography; Wendy Laurel

    Serving some signature sips at the postceremony cocktail hour? Take the presentation (and aromatic experience) one step further with garnishes. Everyone expects mint leaves in cocktails like mint juleps or Moscow Mules, but unexpected options like thyme, sage or (total curveball) lemon verbena are pleasant surprises.

  5. 5. Escort Board Arrangement

    7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs
    Jarrad Lister Photography

    Trying to think of a creative escort card display for your rustic or outdoor wedding? A presentation of painted terra-cotta pots with names written on ice pop sticks is totally DIYable and fits the theme. Think about doing something similar for favors to tie it all together, like mini potted succulents or packets of herb seeds.

  6. 6. Place Settings

    7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs
    Hilary Grace Photography

    A small spring of rosemary is the perfect accent for a place setting, and especially fitting if the flatware happens to be of the organic nature. It adds just a touch of elegance to an otherwise ordinary-looking dinner plate.

  7. 7. Bloody Mary Bar

    7 Ways to Up Your Wedding Décor With Herbs
    Alison Conklin Photography

    Give your guests a taste of playing bartender with a DIY garnish station—it’s especially great for Bloody Marys. Think: dill, basil, parsley or cilantro. Doesn’t fit into your reception theme? Save it for a next-day brunch.

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