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An Overview for Canadian Destination Weddings

by vietwedding

Why Here?

Whether you’re looking to tie the knot near Niagara Falls, in the Canadian Rockies, or in a boutique hotel in Toronto, there are endless possibilities both rustic and glamorous to choose from. All in all, it’s hard to find a more picturesque setting than our neighbor to the north.

What to Know

  • Avoid Toronto during the film festival in the fall when hotels and restaurants will be booked and everything is most expensive.
  • Marriage license rules differ from province to province, so make sure you know what’s required in your area.

Cultural Touches

Accent your wedding with ideas that reflect your surroundings: Neil Young songs, maple syrup, French songs if you’re in Montreal, a hockey night out for the boys. Use your invites to clue guests into the theme before they even arrive by implementing a maple leaf motif.

Local Flavor

Canada produces some excellent quality brews so check out Creemore, Amsterdam Breweries, Connor’s Muskoka Lake, and King City Brewery. Highlight the delicacies native to the province you’ll be marrying in by serving Belon oysters in Nova Scotia, cultured mussels on Prince Edwards Island, Brome Lake duck in Quebec, or Alberta beef in Alberta. Concierges and travel books are a great resource for these types of things. Check the Internet for a web site for your specific town or area – they’ll often clue you in to local specialties you won’t want to miss.

Marriage Requirements

Residency requirements: None, but there can be an enforced waiting period between issuing of a license and the ceremony, depending on the territory.
Necessary documents: In general, couples need to apply for a marriage license in person together, and provide a birth certificate or passport, as well as proof of divorce or death of a spouse if one or more parties has been previously married.

For more info: Call the Canadian Tourism Board at (613) 954-3840 or visit travelcanada.ca

Photo: Toby Hoogs

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