Can’t Think of a Wedding Favor You Love? Follow These Guidelines

Whether it’s a DIY gift or an indulgent treat, wedding favors are a thoughtful gesture guests love and appreciate. So how do you make sure your favors are special and memorable? We’re about to take you through some wedding favor basics to help.

Get Inspired

Here’s the thing with wedding favors: They’re a fun, generous extra to show your guests some love, but coming up with a great favor idea shouldn’t make you lose sleep. Keep it simple, and think about what you love. Does your local fudge shop sell individual boxes? Can you bulk order your favorite hot sauce or scented candle? Will your grandmother let you hand out her secret spice blend? Do you support a certain charity and want to make a donation on everyone’s behalf instead? Look to the season, wedding location and personal favorites for the best ideas.

How Much to Spend on Wedding Favors

How much your favors cost will vary based on your budget and priorities. They can cost as little as $1 per guest and can climb into the $10-$20 per guest range—although the latter certainly isn’t necessary. You can choose to DIY simple favors or splurge a bit to have them made and packaged for you. If you want to give more expensive, high-end favors, like a luxe candle or nice bottle of wine, consider giving one gift per couple. You could also take the burden off your own shoulders and set up a fun takeway treat station with goodie bags, like a candy bar, cookie table or doughnut wall, for guests to serve themselves and take home as they please. But if you’re buying favors yourself, remember it’s almost always cheaper to purchase in bulk.

Don’t Forget About Packaging

Looks aren’t everything, but when it comes to your wedding favors, the packaging is the fun part. Find a way to package your favors in a fun or on-theme way. Clear cellophane bags with monogrammed stickers or pretty brown boxes tied with colorful ribbon are always classics—but you could also ask your wedding planner to help you brainstorm out-of-the-box favor presentation and packaging ideas.

When to Hand Out Your Favors

Once you’ve found the perfect favor that reflects you as a couple or showcases your wedding destination’s local specialty, it’s time to figure out exactly how to hand them out so they don’t get left behind. You have a few options for how and when to present your treat. Place them at everyone’s reception seat, let them double as escort cards, display them on a separate table, ask your awesome waitstaff to help pass them out or hand them off yourself as guests head out the door. 

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