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Do My Reception Centerpieces Need to Match?

by vietwedding

Should all my centerpieces match?


Nope! In fact, we love the varied look that non-matching centerpieces create in a venue.

There are a lot of options for mixing up your centerpiece game. Using an assortment of tall and short arrangements is a great place to start. The tall pieces will add drama and height to a room, while low arrangements can create a more intimate vibe. But don’t just think in terms of height—mix up the variety of blooms, the vessels, or even the style of arrangements.

If you want to create more layers and texture, add lighting and non floral elements into the mix. Your florist can suggest some decor accessories that will complement your blooms. Stick to three or four arrangements with repeating elements (or flowers) so the look stays cohesive.

Lastly, work with your florist to make sure the arrangements match both the proportions of the room and the shape of the tables. For example, you wouldn’t want a tall centerpiece in a low-ceiling room. And if you’re setting feasting tables, be sure to have multiple arrangements to span the length.

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