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Etsy Cake Toppers You’ll Love

by vietwedding

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be just dessert—it can also act as another element for you to show off your personal style and execute your wedding theme. In addition to your cake baker designing your dream confection, add a cake topper for a touch that best reflects you and your partner in crime. Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cake toppers from Etsy for a little decoration inspiration.

This Polar Bear Cake Topper

Etsy Cake Toppers You'll Love
Magical Gifties

Animal lovers, this one’s for you. Top off your cake with your spirit animal for a whimsical dessert surprise.

Magical Gifties Polar Bear cake topper, $65, Etsy.com

This Carved Wood Cake Topper

Etsy Cake Toppers You'll Love
Rosy Lily Cake Toppers

Perfect for a country or rustic wedding, this wood cake topper adds a nautral touch.

Rosy Lily Cake Toppers Tree Slice cake toppers, $22, Etsy.com

This Monogrammed Cake Topper

Etsy Cake Toppers You'll Love
Design CMC

Keep it classic with calligraphy-inspired cake décor. All you need to do is choose a color to best suit your cake choice and reception theme.

Design CMC Monogrammed cake topper, $15, Etsy.com

This Lego Cake Topper

Etsy Cake Toppers You'll Love
Personalised Toppers

Animate yourself and your partner with Lego-themed cake toppers. We love how they come dressed in wedding day attire, top hat included.

Personalised Toppers Lego Bride and Groom cake topper, $20, Etsy.com

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