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Here’s Why an “Engagementmoon” Is the Perfect Way to Kick Off Your Engagement

by vietwedding

What better way to celebrate your recent engagement than to head off on a romantic trip as to-be-weds? An engagement honeymoon—aka an “engagementmoon” or “proposalmoon”—is an amazing way to start your adventure together and soak in your engagement bliss (you know, before it’s time to start wedding planning). Think of it as special trip planned soon after the question’s been popped that’s meant specifically to mark your engagement—rather than travel that happens to have been scheduled before you got engaged.

And don’t worry, we’re not saying you need to take two luxurious weeks in Bali—unless you want to, of course. Pack up the car and hole up in a cute bed-and-breakfast down the road or enjoy a long weekend at the beach. Maybe you’re headed to a friend’s wedding in another state—or maybe you were already on vacation when you got engaged—so why not make the most of it and stay an extra few days? It’s all about one-on-one time with your one and only, away from prying relatives, wedding date questions and everyday to-dos. Escape for a little while, soak it all in, take some amazing photos and get even more excited for your real honeymoon.

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