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Honeymoon Travel Trends

by vietwedding

Vacation Selfies

Start with the iPhone 6’s handy timer mode (which gives you a few precious seconds before snapping a couple of options in a “burst”) and selfie-sharing apps, like Shots. Then, pack an extension tool—for selfies that don’t look like selfies.

Trip Concierges

Some companies won’t just customize your itinerary, they’ll hold your hand the whole trip too. Need a local cell phone or to book a last-minute excursion? Done. Two faves: Blue Parallel, which specializes in Latin America, and the China-focused Asia Voyages.

The New Disney Hot Spot

The über-luxe Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort opened in August 2014. It’s one of only a handful of resorts at Disney where the focus is on luxury (think: Evian spritzes at the infinity pool) as opposed to Mickey and Goofy sightings.

Cool Travel Games

We love Clare V.’s old-school backgammon and chess-and-checkers sets. They’re leather-backed and pack easily. Another way to personalize your games: a custom deck of cards made on Shutterfly.

Farm to Bed

We all know about the farm-to-table movement on the restaurant scene. Now it’s hitting resorts, with luxe properties like Turtle Island in Fiji and Hotel Wailea, in Maui, Hawaii, serving produce and herbs primarily grown on-site and fish caught by local fisherman.

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