How to Avoid a Boring Bridal Shower

Have you ever been to a bridal shower that was so boring you felt guilty for wishing you had an excuse to leave? Don’t worry, we won’t let that happen at your shower. From having a game plan to joining forces with your partner, here are some great guidelines and ideas to ensure a fun prewedding shower.  

Have a (Flexible) Schedule

Letting your guests mingle and catch up for a little bit is great, but without any sort of structure a bridal shower can dip into an aimless lull. Keep things moving at a nice pace by having a general idea of what you’ll do at the beginning, middle and end of the shower. Just remember that no one likes to be bossed around (they’re at your bridal shower, not boot camp), so don’t confuse having a loose timeline in mind with trying to control every second. And finally, try to keep it under three hours, which is usually a nice sweet spot for a shower.

Plan Activities

Play classic bridal shower games, make your own flower crowns or decorate cookies—whatever your preferred activity, offer more than just sitting around and chatting. Offering something interactive and hands-on, or even hiring an outside pro like a sommelier or mixologist, is a great way to help guests who don’t know each other feel more comfortable and welcome. Note that raunchy games, gifts and activities can get uncomfortable if you have a mix of friends, relatives, ages and sexes. It’s up to you (or whoever hosts) to know the crowd and gauge the party mood.

Actually Feed Everyone

Why is it that finger sandwiches are always better in theory than reality? Don’t let your guests go hungry—feed them real sandwiches (or something equally delicious and substantial.) Order pizzas, host a barbecue, offer brunch favorites, or serve an abundant cheese plate and hearty salad. Your guests will thank you, especially if drinking is involved.

Go Somewhere Unique

You’re not obligated to sit on the back patio or stake out your parents’ country club. Head to a pasta-making class, boozy art class, vineyard, brewery, salon, beach or gorgeous restaurant to spice things up and make your shower feel extra special (and worth the trip for any out-of-town friends). 

Open Gifts Later

Ask anyone what their least favorite part of attending a bridal shower is and they’ll likely say the gift exchange. For some reason, opening bridal shower gifts in public can be an awkward moment for both the to-be-wed and guests. Particularly if you’re inviting a large group, consider opening your gifts on your own later or even asking friends to show up with their presents unwrapped. This’ll help alleviate any stress or discomfort that comes with this whole portion of the party.

Make It Coed

Who makes life more fun? Your partner, of course. So the same probably goes for your shower too. While the party can still revolve around gifts, a couple’s shower often feels more like an awesome cocktail or dinner party than a traditional shower—which many to-be-weds love. Plus, it’s the perfect way to let both sides of your wedding party get to know each other. Have a stock the bar party, enjoy a bottomless brunch buffet on the weekend, host a laid-back barbecue or head to your favorite bar or restaurant for dinner and drinks. The options are endless (and endlessly fun).

Ready to host an amazing shower? Read this handy bridal shower planning timeline.

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