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Is Smashing Wedding Cake in Your Partner’s Face Something You Should Do?

by vietwedding

When it comes time to cut the cake at a wedding reception, some couples will simply feed each other, while others will smash slices in each other’s faces. And while the latter is a familiar scene we’ve watched in movies and television weddings for years, is it still a popular tradition to uphold?

Well, it certainly seems like we’re seeing less of it in real-life weddings, as ubiquitous as it might be in scripted ones. It’s not something that’s for everyone: More than likely, you’ll have pristine, professional hair and makeup while donning expensive clothes during your wedding reception. Even if your guests are licking their chops to see the hilarious moment, it’s totally understandable why you’d want to omit it.

Well, what to do instead while all eyes are on you? Simply feed the cake to each other—the act actually symbolizes your commitment to provide for one another. Sweet, right?

Of course, like everything else, choosing to smear frosting across your partner’s face is totally up to you. It obviously makes for silly photos-and your guests will certainly get a good laugh out of it—just make sure you and your partner come to a mutual consensus before the actual act of cake-shoving occurs (no surprises here). Neither of you will want to be caught off guard and have your guests potentially witness your first married fight. And have napkins on hand in case you require a cleanup.

Tell us below—do you and your partner plan on smearing the cake on each other?

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