Marrying in Mexico: An Overview for Destination Weddings in Mexico

Why Here?

Mexico has a little bit of everything — from four and five star resorts (often at a fraction of U.S. prices) to a staggering array of natural wonders. It’s not just about the beach: Your guests won’t want to miss Mexico’s ancient archaeological sites from the Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula to the pyramid-lined Avenue of the Dead, just outside of Mexico City.

What to Know

  • Sunbathing and sightseeing go hand-in-hand on the beaches of Cancun along the Yucatan Peninsula, where it’s also easy to reach some of the most stunning Mayan ruins. Los Cabos is home to some of the country’s most striking scenery, but the sometimes-choppy water makes these beaches better for kayaking and sailing than for swimming. The best golf courses are found on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, while Puerto Vallarta is the great place to go for a true taste of Mexican culture, and colonial-era architecture.
  • One of Mexico’s most popular ceremony spots is appropriately named Playa del Amor – Love’s Beach — near Cabo, which has breathtaking views of the Pacific.

Marriage Requirements

Residency requirements: Two to four days to complete paperwork, depending on the location.
Necessary documents: Drivers licenses or passports; certified copies of birth certificates which have been translated and notarized by the Mexican consulate with jurisdiction over the place of birth; copy of tourist card or visa; names, addresses, ages, nationalities and tourist-card numbers of four witnesses
Note: Marriage requirements vary in Mexico depending on the city.

For more info: Mexico Tourism Board, (800) 44-MEXICO or visit

Photo: Goen South Photography

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