Need Honeymoon Inspo? Here’s Every State’s Favorite International Travel Destination

Trying to choose your perfect overseas honeymoon or wedding destination? Then these cool stats might be just the travel inspiration you need. Researchers at travel insurance website unveiled every state’s (plus Washington, DC’s) favorite places to travel outside the US.

The same five destinations showed up over and over again on the list of number one choices: the Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy and Japan. The hottest spot by far—and we mean that literally—is the Caribbean, with 26 states choosing the sparkling islands of the Caribbean Sea as their first choice destination. Mexico is the runner-up as 16 states’ favorite location. The UK and Italy tie with four states each voting them number one. Finally, Japan just makes the list of first-choice spots as Hawaii’s favorite.

So whether you like to roll with the crowd or go your own way, see where others in your state are following their wanderlust. Below, find every state followed by its first, second and third favorite international travel destinations.

Alabama: Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom 

Alaska: United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada

Arizona: Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy

Arkansas: Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom

California: Mexico, Italy, United Kingdom

Colorado: Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy

Connecticut: Italy, Caribbean, United Kingdom

District of Columbia: United Kingdom, Italy, France

Delaware: Caribbean, United Kingdom, Spain

Florida: Caribbean, Italy, United Kingdom

Georgia: Caribbean, Mexico, Italy

Hawaii: Japan, Canada, United Kingdom

Idaho: Mexico, United Kingdom, Caribbean

Illinois: Caribbean, Mexico, Italy

Indiana: Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom

Iowa: Mexico, Caribbean, United Kingdom

Kanas: Mexico, Caribbean, United Kingdom

Kentucky: Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom

Louisiana: Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom

Maine: Italy, Caribbean, United Kingdom

Maryland: Caribbean, United Kingdom, Italy

Massachusetts: United Kingdom, Caribbean, Italy

Michigan: Caribbean, Mexico, Italy

Minnesota: Mexico, Italy, Caribbean

Mississippi: Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom

Missouri: Caribbean, Mexico, Italy

Montana: United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy

Nebraska: Mexico, Caribbean, Italy

Nevada: Mexico, Caribbean, United Kingdom

New Hampshire: Caribbean, United Kingdom, Italy

New Jersey: Caribbean, Italy, Mexico

New Mexico: Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy

New York: Italy, Caribbean, Mexico

North Carolina: Caribbean, Italy, United Kingdom

North Dakota: Caribbean, United Kingdom, Italy

Ohio: Caribbean, Mexico, Italy

Oklahoma: Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom

Oregon: Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy

Pennsylvania: Caribbean, Italy, Mexico

Rhode Island: Caribbean, Italy, United Kingdom

South Carolina: Caribbean, Bahamas, Italy

South Dakota: Mexico, Caribbean, Italy

Tennessee: Caribbean, Mexico, Bahamas

Texas: Mexico, Caribbean, Italy

Utah: Mexico, Caribbean, United Kingdom

Vermont: Italy, United Kingdom, France

Virginia: Caribbean, United Kingdom, Italy

Washington: Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy

West Virginia: Caribbean, Bahamas, United Kingdom

Wisconsin: Caribbean, Mexico, Italy

Wyoming: Mexico, Italy, Canada

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