Obsessed With True Crime? We Have Your Bachelorette or Honeymoon Destination, Solved

Obsessed with true crime documentaries? Listen to grisly podcasts during your commute to work? Fall asleep watching reruns of Forensic Files and Ghost Hunters? Getting married soon?

Then we have the perfect bachelorette party or honeymoon ideas for you. Below, find the spookiest hotels, destinations and interactive tours and exhibits you can check out now. Just make sure to warn your (more scare-prone) BFFs or partner they’re probably in for a scare.

This Serial Killer-Inspired Exhibit in London

Inspired by infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes and his hotel of horrors during Chicago’s World Fair in the 1800s, the Biscuit Factory in London is hosting an immersive, interactive exhibit called The Hollow Hotel. It makes guests conquer horrifying obstacles in order to survive “a literal death trap, designed just for you.” (You shouldn’t be in any real danger, of course, but it sounds insanely frightening nonetheless.) Tickets are $65 and the show’s running April 17 through June 17, so book your flight to England now if you’re interested.

The Museum of Death in New Orleans

New Orleans is a popular bachelorette destination for a variety of reasons (amazing food, live music and zero open container laws), but you might not have known about the Museum of Death located right by bumping Bourbon Street. There you’ll find oddities like gory Manson crime-scene photos, real, never-before-seen handwritten letters and paintings by some of the most infamous serial killers in American history.

A Ghost Tour on Dark Waters in Charleston, South Carolina

Ghost tours are abound in historic Charleston, but doing one in the confines of a boat at night is a whole new level of creepiness. Your tour guide will tell you horrifying historical tales of murder, pirates and treason, pointing out the real-life settings along the city’s haunted harbor—all while you’re surrounded by nothing but deep, dark and mysterious ocean. Plus, there’s booze.

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

First of all, Estes Park is an idyllic destination in and of itself because of its scenic slopes, breathtaking views and charming downtown area. But if you want a real experience, stay at the infamous Stanley Hotel. Its utter creepiness inspired Stephen King to write The Shining (which you obviously know if you’re reading this article), later adapted into—arguably—one of the scariest movies of all time by Stanley Kubrick. So if you have the chance to all work and no play stay there, we say go for it. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be served by Lloyd the bartender.

This Infamous Budget Hotel in Los Angeles

The Cecil Hotel is notorious for a few reasons. Most recently, it made headlines in 2013 after a decomposing body of a young woman was found in the rooftop water tank (what happened to her still remains unsolved). But the hotel has been known for its sordid past far before that grisly discovery, including several mysterious murders, suicides and accidents. Notorious serial killers (like Richard Ramirez, aka “The Night Stalker”) have stayed there, and ghost sightings have also been reported. Be careful out there.

The Salem Witch Museum in Salem, Massachusetts

Unfortunately for Salem’s locals, the town’s name always manages to conjure up images of colonial women on trial. Besides that, the town is pure New England charm, but this museum has plenty of fascinating relics from those frightening witch trials—including original trial documents, and a creepy narrator will guide you through “the web of lives and intrigue of the Salem Witch Hunt.” But be warned: The “alleged misdeeds” these young women were executed for will probably drive you insane.

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