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Spring Wedding Hair Tips & Tricks

by vietwedding

While spring weather brings fresh flowers and fragrant gardens, it can also wreak havoc on hair by causing tons of frizzy flyaways. Here are five steps to spring weather-prepped wedding hair.

1. Work with What You’ve Got

No matter what your natural hair texture is, humid weather isn’t the time to force your hair into an unnatural style. If your hair is curly, find a bridal ‘do that embraces your curls. If your hair is straight but tends to curl up in humid weather, consider finding a look that incorporates loose, light curls.

2. Blot-dry Your Hair

The last time you wash your hair before the wedding, gently blot it dry with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Don’t rub — you’ll further dry out any broken or damaged hairs, increasing the chance of frizz. Keep in mind that frizz is caused by hair trying to grab moisture from the air, so the rougher your hair cuticles are (whether your hair naturally has a coarse texture or is damaged from coloring or styling), the worse the frizz.

3. Apply a Frizz-fighting Serum

After you’ve towel-blotted and before you blow-dry, apply an antifrizz serum (or a strong-hold gel for more intense results) to your damp hair. Once you’ve applied the serum, comb it through so it’s distributed evenly.

4. Use the “Cool” Shot

Once you finish blow-drying, give your hair a blast of cool air using the “cool” setting on your blow-dryer. Hot air opens the hair cuticle while cold air closes it and seals in the moisture.

5. Apply More Serum

Give your freshly dried hair a second application of frizz-fighter (pomade or gel works well). Finally, consider keeping a little on hand throughout the wedding day to use for smoothing down any strands that may curl up.

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