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Kindeɾgɑrten teɑcҺer wɑs fired for Tattooing hιs entiɾe body, even his ιrises

by micle thanh


A tattooed boy pursues a career as a primary school teacher despite losing his job because of his looks”

Sylvain Helaine, also known as “Freaky Hoody” on social media, is a 35-year-old man from France who has had his entire body tattooed, including his ears, tongue and even lap. white eyes. He started signing at the age of 27 while teaching at a private school in London and going through a “crisis”.

Despite being a certified elementary school teacher, Sylvain was fired due to her tattooed appearance that scared some children. However, he remains determined to pursue his passion for teaching and hopes to help his students learn to accept people who appear to be different from the norm. “Maybe when they grow up they will be less racist, less homophobic and more open to the world around them,” he told Reuters.

Although his unique appearance may scare some children at first, Sylvain believes that once they get to know him, they will appreciate the person he is, rather than judge him. based solely on his tattoos. Since then, he was allowed to teach elementary school students aged six and up.

Despite the setback, Sylvain doesn’t regret her tattoo choice. He spent 460 hours getting his unique look and seeing it as a form of self-expression. “I’m a primary school teacher… I love my job,” he said.

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Sylvain’s story highlights the importance of embracing diversity and challenging social norms. Despite facing discrimination and job loss because of his looks, he remains committed to his passion for teaching and hopes to inspire his students to accept and appreciate their people.”


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