The Complete Guide to Every Type of Honeymoon

Everyone knows a honeymoon as the celebratory first trip you take together as newlyweds. But now that earlymoons, tinymoons and buddymoons are in the mix, it’s hard to tell which honeymoon is which. That’s why we defined every honeymoon out there below. Some can definitely overlap, and you may go on a few of them. But that’s the beauty of these honeymoons—you can never travel and relax too much, right?

An adventuremoon: An active honeymoon for thrill-seeking newlyweds who want to pack every physical activity they can into their honeymoon, like scuba diving, surfing, shark diving, cliff jumping, snorkeling, biking, hiking, zip-lining, ATV riding and more. 

A babymoon: If you’re engaged or married and pregnant, this getaway is typically when couples have their last vacation together before baby arrives. 

A bestiemoon: A relaxing prewedding trip (that’s not your bachelorette party) taken with your favorite ladies, whether it’s with your mom, grandma, aunt, sister, friends—whoever! 

A buddymoon: A honeymoon attended by one or more of the newlyweds’ friends (read more here).

A culturemoon: A honeymoon where you primarily focus on ways to take in the culture of a specific destination (like seeing museums in Italy, learning how to dance in Spain or going to the theater in London) instead of lying on the beach and drinking Mai Tais for a week straight—not that there’s anything wrong with that. 

An earlymoon: A prewedding honeymoon to relax, unwind and connect about a month or two before the wedding day.

An elopementmoon: An elopement and honeymoon rolled into one, if you’re eloping to a certain destination and then taking your honeymoon directly from there, or staying in that area for your honeymoon.

An engagementmoon: A romantic trip taken shortly after getting engaged to celebrate and soak in your happy news together.

A familymoon: A honeymoon for couples who already have children and want to make the trip into a family vacation, or if the couple is having their honeymoon where their destination wedding is, their families may make it into a vacation for themselves too (becoming a familymoon by default).  

A foodiemoon: A trip that’s primarily focused on—you guessed it—the food and drinks. Whether it’s pasta in Italy, cheese in France or a wine tour in South Africa, planning out your eating and drinking takes priority here.

A manymoon: A series of two or more shorter trips taken throughout the first year (or so) of marriage, rather than one long trip taken right after saying “I do.”

A minimoon: A small honeymoon (usually a little less than a week) newlyweds go on if they’re not going on their actual honeymoon for a while (usually due to saving up work vacation days again after the wedding or budgeting for their dream getaway).  

A solomoon: A prewedding solo trip you take (yes, all by yourself) in order to clear your head of wedding stress and generally unwind and relax before tying the knot.

A tinymoon: A honeymoon where you spend a few additional days in the city where you get married after your wedding day. 

An unplugged-moon: A honeymoon where the newlyweds completely unplug from technology (that means no phones, email or social media) during their trip.

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