Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Honeymoon Retreat

Even if your typical vacation is one filled with adventure, sightseeing and new experiences, after months of wedding planning, your honeymoon might call for something more laid-back. Honeymoon retreats offer you and your spouse the chance to relax in a secluded setting where revitalizing your mind, body and relationship are the only activities on the itinerary. When it’s time to plan your newlywed getaway, consider giving yourselves the chance to reconnect with one of these trips.

1. Alone Time

For the ultimate in isolation, escape to Seychelles Safari Retreat, located in North Island on the Indian Ocean. Surrounded by pristine blue waters, this ultra-luxury-style retreat has plenty to offer in the way of activities, including sea kayaking, scuba diving, hiking and fishing. But since you’ve come here to get away from the rest of the world, you’ll likely make better use of the romantic private villas, pools built for two, spa services, sunset bar and outdoor patios with views for days.

2. Recharge With Mother Nature

If the time, money and stress spent on seating arrangements, appetizers and the like leave you feeling a bit drained, reconnecting with nature could be the cure. While camping might feel a bit too rustic for your honeymoon, Eco Retreats offers yurt- and tepee-style “glamping” in the heart of the Welsh mountains. Surrounded by 50 acres of lush greenery, accommodations include beautifully furnished spaces with spots for indoor and outdoor fires, and your own bathroom and shower facilities. Leave the gadgets behind since Wi-Fi and electricity aren’t available, and instead add on a holistic therapy package of Reiki (a Japanese stress reduction method) and a twilight meditation.

3. Body and Mind Detox

Prewedding parties and the actual event itself can mean indulging in rich meals, decadent desserts and large quantities of adult beverages. If you can feel your body crying, it might be time to rid it of all the unhealthy stuff and get back on a path to balance. The Sanctuary Thailand offers detox packages that are as short as one day or as long as 10 days. Through raw diets, fasts and cleanses—not to mention a seaside locale worthy of Instagram envy—you’ll leave your vacation feeling recharged and full of energy.

4. Partner Yoga Poses

Gain deeper insight on your mat than what you’re typically used to from a studio yoga practice. Suncokret Body and Soul Retreat, located in Hvar Island, Croatia, is a boutique holistic retreat for yogis of all skill levels. You’ll be introduced to new yoga styles, teachings and poses, as well as mindfulness practices. In one retreat week, you’ll practice between 13 and 15 hours of yoga, with sessions taking place on its outdoor terrace, indoor loft space, in nature or by the sea. When you’re not saluting the sun, explore the coastal community’s rich culture, tour ancient vineyards or swim in deep blue coves.

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