Marriage Requirements for Mexico

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Residency Requirement: None

Necessary Documents: Certified copies of birth certificates previously “legalized” and translated by the Mexican consulate with jurisdiction over the place of filing; driver’s licenses or passports valid for at least 6 months; certified proof of divorce or death certificates of former spouse/s (if applicable) previously “legalized” by the Mexican consulate with jurisdiction over the place of filing; judge’s form; tourist cards; Mexican-performed blood test results and X-rays

As of August 2010, non-resident couples who wed in Puerto Rico need to provide:

  • Medical certification that complies with all the required proof that you can marry in your place of residence. This must be valid for ten days from your travel date; thereafter the government requires recertification for proof.
  • Government or state issued photo identification from your place of residence
  • Passport or electoral card
  • A notarized sworn declaration stating that you are not a resident of Puerto Rico, that the purpose of your visit is to marry, and that you will not reside in Puerto Rico for longer than your intended visit as stated in your visitors entry pass issued by your foreign correspondence agency.
  • Note: The marriage requirements in Mexico vary from city to city and judge to judge. The Mexican Ministry of Tourism recommends that you budget two to four days to complete all requirements. It is recommended that you work with a wedding planner to help you fulfill all requirements properly.

    For More Info: Mexico Tourism Board, (800) 446-3942

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