Marrying in the Caribbean: Bermuda Destination Weddings

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Why Here?

If you love the idea of a Caribbean destination wedding but still want something formal and elegant, consider Bermuda. Just a short flight from East Coast cities, Bermuda has no casinos, hardly any fast-food restaurants, and is famous for its tranquil pink sand beaches. Spend your days visiting one of the country’s eight golf courses, visit the botanical garden, or scuba dive among the reefs and shipwrecks.

What to Know

  • Since Bermuda is just 850 miles off the coast of North Carolina, the weather tends to be milder than its more southern Caribbean brethren, with an average temperature of 65 degrees in the winter and a pleasant 85 in the summer.
  • Most visitors don’t realize that Bermuda is a collection of islands, so think carefully about where you to be based, and about how to get yourself — and your guests — around.

Marriage Requirements

Residency requirements: None
Necessary documents: Passports and a “Notice of Intended Marriage” form from Bermuda’s Registrar General’s Office. The form is available by phone request or at

Fill it out and mail it along with a cashier’s check or bank draft made payable to the Accountant General, Hamilton, Bermuda, in the amount of US$210 back to the Registrar General. Your license will be valid for three months and can be picked up at the Registrar’s office by you or a designated person.

Note: “Notice of Intended Marriage” must be filed 2 weeks before the wedding.

For More Info: Bermuda’s Registrar General office, (441) 297-7709 or (441) 297-7707; the Bermuda department of Tourism; or

Photo: Courtesy of The Bermuda Department of Tourism

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