Five Widely Used Techniques to Create a Promotional Coffee Mug

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Surely everyone has seen countless numbers of promotional coffee mugs in their life span. Promotional coffee mugs can vary from single toned to double toned, photo and wordings that represent the company and even heat sensitive layers which indicate that the contents of the mug is hot (the top layer will become invisible to show the hidden layer which bears company’s logo, image or tagline. The most common methods that are still being utilized in this era to create promotional mugs are transfer printing, dye sublimation, screen printing, digital printing process and etched coffee mugs.

Transfer printing basically is the method of applying images or an image to a curved or uneven surface. Curved surface in this case is the promotional mugs. Just like its name, transfer printing, this method involves transferring the design which is printed on a special paper first. After printing the preferred design for the promotional mug, it is then cover coated on the mug. Although the process can sound extremely easy to carry out, it is actually slower compared to the other processes. Most companies prefer to choose methods which take the least time. However, this method still remains popular among companies.

Dye sublimation method involves the usage of heat when transferring dry ink onto the mug’s surface. Dye sublimation method is the most perfect method to use when creating promotional mugs as the image or logo printed on the mug will look good as new for a long time. The public will also get the impression that the company is not giving out low quality products. People will remember the company in a positive light.

On the other hand, screen printing is somewhat similar to painting a surface using stencils. The difference here is that, ink is passes through a mesh or also commonly known as a screen. Stencil is applied in the stretched mesh and the little holes on the stencil will affect the final image that is printed on the mug.

The digital printing process occurs when the logo or image of the company is printed in processed colour straight onto a coated paper. The process is then followed by a water slide transfer before the logo or image is applied onto the promotional mug. This process is the best option to produce high quality photographic images instead of the normal crappy printing.

Etched promotional coffee mugs are said to be one of the most costly process. With high priced process comes a expensive looking and classy promotional mugs. People even give etched glasses as wedding gifts because the look so exceptional. Etching or sand etching which it is also known as, starts off with making a stencil out of the preferred design for the company’s mug. It is then carefully places on the mug and is sand blasted so that the image is permanently etched onto the mug’s surface.

The important and crucial thing that all companies must bear in mind is that to always stick with minimalistic designs. People do not like cluttered designs. It is advisable to not collaborate with other companies because then the promotional coffee mugs would become too cluttered.

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