Wedding Planning Checklist which you could use as in your own wedding

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A wedding checklist is essential to every wedding to ensure that no detail has been missed and that things are going the way they are supposed to. The checklist usually has several timelines and the timeframes usually vary as the wedding date approaches. It starts with a ‘months before’ category, translates to the ‘weeks before’ category and eventually to the ‘days before’ category. Take a look at this detailed sample wedding checklist which you could use as in your own wedding.

The checklist starts off at nine to twelve months before the wedding. During this period, the following needs to be done: The venues should be booked by then and the wedding gowns designed. The engagement should be announced and the general elements of the wedding like the date, budget, venue and guest list should be decided on.

Six to nine months before the wedding, the following are required: The photographers, florists, caterers, priest, bands and singers should have already committed to do their roles in the wedding.Two to six months before the big day, the wedding rings, marital pen, coins, and other wedding essentials have been organized; so have the honeymoon trip and hotel accommodations.

The guest list, cake design and the reception menu are finalized. The gown fittings should be finished and the trial hair and make-up tested out. Also, the invitations should reach their recipients.By two to eight weeks before the actual wedding, the selected wedding vendors should have been paid in full. The wedding souvenirs should have been purchased and the final details should be confirmed with the respective vendors. The confirmation of the wedding guest’s appearance on the big day should now be complete so that the seating arrangement in the reception area can be started on.

One week before the wedding, the wedding dress should now dangle gracefully in the bride’s closet. The décors and other wedding accessories should now have been delivered to their appropriate locations. The clothes for honeymoon should also be packed. The couple should have a run through of their respective wedding vows. Also, don’t forget to pamper yourselves; have a body massage in a pleasant spa. The wedding rehearsal is done during this week.

Finally, on the day of the wedding, double check the wedding rings with the best man and the maid of honor and transfer the engagement ring of your bride to her right ring finger. The most important thing, don’t forget to enjoy and cherish every moment of your wedding day.

For your convenience, here’s a complete checklist, provided by RealSimple.

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