Wedding Vows: Tips to Remember

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Wedding vows say it all.  This is the time for you to express all that you can about your partner.  You needn’t have perfect English, or worry about anyone else even understanding what you’re talking about, you just need to translate the love in your heart.  Many people get caught up writing their vows, so we’ve included a few guidelines to help you get started…

First of all, decide on your style of vows.  The bride and groom don’t need to have the same style, you can each make your own and surprise each other on wedding day.  Some couples choose to discuss their vows together, ahead of time, and choose a direction together.  You can pick what’s best for you, as a couple.  But, get creative.  This is your wedding and you an have it any way you like.  Say traditional vows with personal anecdotes, keep it casual like a conversation, or go with the ever-popular “repeat after me.”In constructing your personal vows, don’t rely on famous words of love.  You only need to worry about words from your heart.  Recall all your cherished memories, and start from the day you fell in love.  If you’re still stuck, find a traditional vow you like (there’s one for every class and denomination) and use it as an outline for your personal words.Some people believe there are three primary aspects that should be included in all wedding vows.

1. Declaration of your love.This is your time, before God and witness, to declare your undying love to the person across from you.  Don’t skip on telling your partner how much they mean to you.  Be sincere, keep it from the heart, and you’re sure to bring the house down.

2. Promises to each other.Promises comprise the most traditional aspect of wedding vows.  “To have and to hold…love and the cherish…”  What do you promise your partner?  Maybe its serious like “I promise to always love your daughter as my own,” or silly like “I promise to never wear footsie pajamas.”

3. Personal, fun, or light-hearted thoughts.In writing your own vows, you can really reflect your personality as a couple.  Take advantage of that, and throw in a little spice.  Ever say “Olive Juice” from across a room, because it looks like your lips are saying “I Love You”?  Include that in your vows to each other and make it really special for you both.The average length of individual vows in anywhere from 1 – 3 minutes.Get familiar with your vows.  Say them aloud for a friend or for the mirror.  You don’t need to memorize everything, but you do want to look your partner is the eye…not at a piece of paper.  If you need to make notes, ask your best man/woman to hold them until the right time.  Your wedding vows are an extremely personal promise to the person you’re about to marry.  But all the work in preparation can also be special between you and your best man/woman.  They are standing with you, as witness, for a reason.  Make them a special part of the ceremony by consulting them before hand.  It will be their honor to be a part of this intimate moment – and they might even remember something you don’t!

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