What to Do When You Disagree About Your Honeymoon Location

Planning your honeymoon is supposed to be fun—but what if you disagree on what your trip of a lifetime should look like? Learn to compromise like a pro before you tie the knot with these honeymoon planning tips for smooth sailing, no matter where you go.

If you disagree about where: 

Try something new together. A honeymoon will be a first for you both, so select a romantic destination that’s new to the two of you. This may not solve the entire disagreement, but it’ll help narrow down spots on the map to start with.

“Start by prioritizing which items on your travel wish list matter most,” says Susan Moynihan, founder of The Honeymoonist. “This is surprisingly helpful, as it gives you a method to narrow down the world of options. If a plunge pool and spa treatments matter most to you, while a great view and an opportunity for hiking top your partner’s list, that immediately cuts down your destinations.”

If you disagree about what to do: 

Like many things in marriage, you may have to compromise in order to meet both of your needs. Plan to visit a place (or places) that offer activities each of you enjoy—perhaps the Amalfi Coast in Italy for both the beach and the sights of the cities, with plenty of day trip activities to keep you busy, or luxury hotels to tuck into (like Belmond Hotel Caruso) and never leave. 

If you disagree about finances: 

One way to avoid the stress of finances while traveling is to book an all-inclusive package. You could even opt for a location that offers all-inclusive-plus so you get the best of both worlds. You’ll typically get additional amenities and activities included (like a sunset cruise and snorkel lesson at Hurawalhi Maldives) and at a property with extra options to dine à la carte and make choices on the fly, if you choose.

“Do some research together as a team—not just on places you’d love to visit, but on associated cost. One of you may initially take issue with the idea of a $1,000-a-night hotel room in principle, but when you see it’s nearly impossible to get an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora for less, you have the opportunity to either change your budget or your hotel expectations, and avoid a fight down the road,” Moynihan says. “When you have a general idea of what things cost, you can come up with a budget together and decide where you want to splurge and where you may need to trim to make your dream trip happen.”

If you disagree about it all: 

Start from the beginning. What do the two of you enjoy doing together? Have you taken a trip together that you were both especially fond of? If so, what elements made it memorable? Seek an itinerary that embraces those qualities.

Then, hire a professional to help. Whether or not you have the same dream for your honeymoon, hiring a pro can only make it easier. A travel planner or agent can not only get you access to added-value offerings, upgrades and unique opportunities, but they can also guide you through the process with education and information to allow you to make the best possible decision—together. “As a travel planner, I often act as a translator, listening to both people and asking the right questions so they can each express what it is they want, and help them determine where their common ground lies. Then we work together to discern what their ideal honeymoon can be,” Moynihan says.

No matter what, don’t forget that this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so have fun with it, despite your differences in travel styles. Remember you’re celebrating your love, so make these decisions with that love and you’ll have a wonderful time.

Harmony Walton is the founder of The Bridal Bar, host of Bridal Bar Radio airing on iHeartRadio and editor of the destination wedding blog Jet Fete by Bridal Bar. With a vast celebrity clientele and over a dozen years of experience, her brands have been recognized around the world and featured in media outlets such as The Associated PressThe New Yorker, The Knot, The New York TimesEntertainment Tonight,People MagazineThe Los Angeles Times and many more.

What to Do When You Disagree About Your Honeymoon Location
Hurawalhi Maldives

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