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Which Wine Fits Your Wedding Style?

by vietwedding

Sure, you love every type of wine—red, white or rosé—but which one should be the star of the bar at your wedding? Just answer a few fun style questions on our flowchart to discover the type you’ll want to highlight at your cocktail hour.

  1. Which Wine Fits Your Wedding Style?

    Red: Your style leans on the classic side. Printed letterpress invitations are must-haves and the only entertainment worth hiring is a full-piece band. For a pick that complements your traditional tastes, go for a wine that’s just as timeless, like a full-bodied red.

    White: “Something old and something new”—that’s your motto. You’re open to a modern loft space for the venue, but you’ll set the tables with heirloom china. Your neutral palette holds true in your wine selection, making clean, crisp whites the ideal choice.

    Rosé: No doubt about it, you’re a trendsetter. You like to incorporate a little bit of the latest crazes into every aspect of your wedding, from centerpieces that feature succulents (or even veggies!) to a DJ spinning old-school vinyl, making the cool-kid drink of choice—rosé—your match.

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