5 Instagram Worthy European Wedding Proposals

Here at the Knot, we’ve seen a lot of amazing proposals. There’s no place more romantic than Europe, and there’s just a certain je ne sais quois to popping the question under the Eiffel Tower. Here are some of our favorite European wedding proposals, from the parks of London to the canals of Venice. Be sure to follow us on instagram to see more of our favorite weddings, proposals and more.

1. Romantic Proposal Over a Venice Waterway

This beautiful Venice proposal is brightening our day on this rainy Sunday morning! ❤️ #theknot #theknotproposals 📷: @flytographerinsta Serena in Venice
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2. Sweet London Proposal at Big Ben

Next up from @howheasked on #TakeoverTuesday… “A couple weeks ago, I went to visit Dominic in London where he was studying abroad. The day after I arrived, we ventured over to Parliament Square so we could take a selfie in front of Big Ben. While there, Dominic noticed a caricature artist drawing another couple and suggested we have ours done too. I was all for it! As the artist was finishing us up, Dominic got a phone call and walked away for a second. Then the artist told me he was ready and asked if I wanted to see it first. He turned the drawing around and I saw “will you marry me?” on the piece of paper with Dominic drawn on one knee in front of Big Ben. When I turned around to find Dominic, I found the exact same scene happening in real life…” 😍 #theknot #howeheasked #theknotproposals 📷: @krisztiansipos_photography
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3. Charming Venice Proposal

It doesn’t get more romantic than a surprise proposal in Venice, Italy! 😍 #theknot #theknotproposals 📷: @serena_genovese
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4. Dreamy Notre Dame Proposal

“I took my girlfriend on a surprise trip to Paris to propose. She had no idea where we were going until the night before and (hopefully) didn’t know I was going to propose. I had everything planned out: the photographer, the location, what I was going to say, everything. I even had a custom lock made with our names on it and the date of the proposal to put on the bridge.” – Alex 🇫🇷❤ #theknot #takeovertuesday 📷: #Flytographer Goncalo from @flytographerinsta in Paris
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5. Picturesque Proposal at the Eiffel Tower

#Pentatonix singer Kirstin Maldonado got engaged in the most perfect Paris proposal and we have the photos to prove it! 💍 Click the link in our bio to see more ❤️ #theknot #theknotproposals 📷: @paris_photographer
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