10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love

  1. 1. Flagged Doughnuts

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    Erin Jean Photography

    Sprinkles are usually enough decoration, but flags add a hint of playful charm.

    An Antique Barn Wedding in Hillsdale, WI

  2. 2. VooDoo Delicacy

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    Nikki Closser Photography

    VooDoo Doughnut in Portland, Oregon, is known for its inventive flavors, making it tempting for any Oregonian couple to swap out a traditional cake for a baker’s dozen.

    Bright Summer Wedding in Corbett, OR

  3. 3. Doughnut Hole Tower

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    Q Weddings

    You know you have an impressive cake topper when people don’t even notice the cake underneath.

    From: A Monterey Wedding in San Antonio, TX

  4. 4. Romantic Glaze

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    LisaAnne Photography

    A simple white cake stand paired with a garnish of orange roses and greenery transform this plain doughnut stack into something spectacular.

    From: A Styled Shoot at Casa Esencia in Albuquerque, NM

  5. 5. Sunny Sprinkles

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    L Photographie

    Combined with cheerful daisies and bright yellow rock candies, these cheerful doughnuts double as sweet treats and décor.

    A DIY Wedding in Edwardsville, IL

  6. 6. Whimsical Garland Décor

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    NBarrett Photography

    You might not picture a doughnut display framed by a romantic garland made of ferns and flowers, but with flavors like strawberry peppercorn, chocolate with pretzel sprinkles, and sea salt and bourbon maple, it just works.

    From: A Rustic, Whimsical Wedding at Golden Homestead in Golden, TX

  7. 7. Topped With Gold

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    Robyn Van Dyke Photography

    Even if you choose to forgo a traditional tiered cake, that doesn’t mean you have to opt out of the cake topper too. Add one to doughnuts, cookies, cupcakes or whatever other confections you’ve chosen for your celebration.

    From: An Urban Meets Great Gatsby New Year’s Eve Wedding at Cobblestone Hall in Raleigh, NC

  8. 8. A Police-Inspired Presentation

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    Hetler Photography

    As a way to honor the groom’s career as a police officer, these newlyweds treated guests to a doughnut dessert bar that included antique scales, plates and platters.

    A Vintage Barn Wedding at Wildwood Family Farms in Alto, MI

  9. 9. A Doughnut Wall

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    Troy Grover

    If a doughnut wall filled with mouthwatering flavors like this one doesn’t impress your guests, we’re not sure what will.

  10. 10. Sugar and Stars

    10 Scrumptious Doughnut Displays We Love
    Regina Richards Photography

    Popping a few gold stars onto sugar-dusted doughnuts is such a simple and easy way to hint at your theme (or use the decorations as indicators of different flavors).

    A Whimsical Tea-Party-Inspired Wedding at Enchanted Hills in Springfield, MO

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