We Love These Inexpensive Photo Booth Alternatives

You might love the idea of having a photo booth at your wedding—after all, they’re always a popular entertainment choice for a reason. Photo booths are fun, interactive and leave your guests with cute keepsakes—but realistically, having one just may not be in your budget. But have no fear: There are plenty of affordable alternatives to help capture your wedding (in addition to your wedding photographer, of course). Check them out below—and get your guests ready to snap away. 

  1. Sprinkle Polaroid cameras throughout the venue.

    We Love These Inexpensive Photo Booth Alternatives
    Clane Gessel Photography

    Want your guests to walk away with the same type of memento they would if you had a photo booth? Simply sprinkle a few Polaroid or Fujifilm cameras on the reception tables and your guests won’t even notice that there’s no photo setup. A digital one like the Polaroid Snap Touch is on the pricier side at $180 a pop, but your guests can easily design the type of photos they want to print. 

  2. Make a DIY station (and just buy the props).

    We Love These Inexpensive Photo Booth Alternatives
    Lucky Malone Photography

    You can either prop up a tablet (accompanied by a device like this Insta-Share printer) or leave it to your guests to snap their photos on their own devices. All you have to do is buy the fun props, set up a station and let them have at it—it’s a totally viable alternative.

  3. Get a photo-sharing app.

    We Love These Inexpensive Photo Booth Alternatives
    Kelsey DeWitt Photography

    You might have a wedding hashtag, but the photos uploaded to Instagram are probably far and few between. The Guest app actually automatically aggregates any photos that are taken on your guests’ phones (either iPhone or Android) in real time. No uploading, filtering or hashtagging required—and your guests will have so much fun with it. 

  4. Have cute disposable cameras as wedding favors.

    We Love These Inexpensive Photo Booth Alternatives

    Disposable cameras won’t set you back much, and giving them out as wedding favors encourages your guests to have fun taking their own photos that they can eventually get developed. While it doesn’t have the same “instant gratification” element as a Polaroid or photo booth that prints immediately, it still allows your guests to take home some picture-perfect memories. 

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